Sunday, October 23, 2016

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2016: Birthday Celebration for Lillie

A warm welcome to each of you this morning.  

Today, following the service you are invited to attend a 90th Birthday Celebration for Lillie.  Her family will provide a meal including cake and ice cream and then we will enjoy a video tribute.  

For anyone who cannot stay for the party OR for those  who want to enjoy a pre-dinner cookie, Darlene is our “After Church Fellowship host.  Thanks so much Donna R. for being our host last Sunday.  

Jo has Children’s Church today.   
Saturday, October 22, 2016


We have two “needs” for the ministry of AWANA Snack Coordinators.  Are there two people (other than those who have already signed up) who would consider signing up to provide snacks for October 31?  And…is there someone who would  sign up with Yvonne on December 12

Thank you for your consideration.   

Friday, October 21, 2016


There is a recent letter to the church family from the Chartiers (Cory and Carrie) on the foyer table for those who knew them. 
Thursday, October 20, 2016


Items on the Catch-All Table for:

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Welcome to worship on this fall morning.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Are you interested in helping with AWANA snacks this year?? See sign-up sheet on the foyer table. 

 Linda has signed up for October 17.   

We will then try to get the schedule set for the rest of 2016. 

Thank you Julie and Linda for offering your assistance!   
Saturday, October 8, 2016


Welcome to worship today.
Sunday, October 2, 2016


Welcome on this first Sunday in October.
Sunday, September 25, 2016

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2016: Special music and worship service today

Welcome to each of you on this beautiful first Sunday of fall.  

Today is a special service with Mike, Larry P., Becky, Lee, Michele, Fred B., Judy, Sonya, Rachel and (??) all taking part in a time of special music and worship.  Pastor and Julie are on a mini anniversary retreat.  

After Church Fellowship will take place following the service with Marlene as your host.  Thank you Janet for being our host last Sunday.  

No Children’s Church today.   
Saturday, September 24, 2016


Bob M. died on September 1 and headed to his eternal home.  Please remember the family in prayer.  

Services will be here at Cedonia at 1 pm on Saturday, September 24 with a memorial service, then a military burial in the Cedonia cemetary, then followed by a potluck here at the church. We would so appreciate it if the church family could plan to bring "extra" food for the potluck to follow the service.

Check with the church regarding address for cards for Dorothy and the family. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

'YOULD" SALE EVENT ON 9/23-9/24/2016

A big community event is coming this Friday and Saturday.  The “Yould” Sale Event will be held on September 23 from noon to 6 pm and on September 24 from 9 am to 4 pm.  It will take place at the Columbia 49ers Building on Main Street in Hunters. 

There will be Living Estate Sale quality items, a Baked Goods Sale, Raffle, and refreshments, including breakfast on Saturday and hamburgers on Friday.  

Proceeds will help two great causes…a scholarship for graduating seniors at Columbia, and the 49ers.  See ad in the Press.  

Raffle items: 50 lbs of choice ground beef, a 170 Savage Rifle, and a VISA Gift Card.  Call 722-3910 for additional information.
Thursday, September 22, 2016


September 25,  2016
Thank you to all who attended the baptism service last Sunday.  A special thank you to Darlene for the beautiful baptism certificates you made and to Lee and Becky for providing music.  It was a tremendous afternoon. 

From the pastor “A sincere word of appreciation to everyone who assisted with Bob’s service yesterday.  To those who helped with set up and take down, worked in the kitchen, brought food, and served in other capacities…thank you for your  ministry to Dorothy and her family…your service is so very much appreciated.” 

Thank you Dee for the GREAT meal at last week’s Brighter Side of 50.  And to Larry for sharing with us the great devotional message and beautiful song.   

Thank you so much Dan and Joyce and Doris for your willingness to drive John and Eddie to Spokane for her procedure!  Your kind hearts are so appreciated! 

September 11, 2016
A very sincere thank you to all who assisted with clean up…it was a GREAT crew!!  And…the cooks outdid themselves on this potluck!!!  Thank you to all you who bless us with your cooking/baking talents!!! 

Thanks to Kelly and Joyce for joining the ACF team.

September 4, 2016
Lana and Fred for the “display work” you did in the museum and library this past week.

Clayton and the Youth Group for bagging cans, removing VBS “left over’s” and cutting locust sprouts in the back yard this past Wednesday. 

August 28, 2016
Thank you Mike D. and Jim H. for your "extra work" you did to assist pastor this past week!

Ed shampooed the carpets in addition to his regular cleaning schedule plus some outside work!  Thanks so much Ed for all the time and work you do for the Lord and the church family!!  The carpets look great!!

August 21, 2016
Thank you so much Harold for fixing the hinge on the sanctuary door this past week!!   

August 14, 2016
A big thank you to those who jumped in and helped  with cleanup after last Sunday's potluck!  A special thank you to Ron and Jan

August 7, 2016
With the addition of the curtains in the nursery, the remodel project is complete. Thank you Susan for the curtains...and again to Joyce and Dan for all your work on this project. 

July 31, 2016
Thank you Joyce and Dan for the work you did on the nursery bathroom this past week. It looks GREAT!  Check it out. Also, the pastor got the toilet repaired and it is usable. Thanks Fred D. for the "parts." 

July 24, 2016
Mike D, your time and assistance with helping with flat tires on the Kubota lawnmower this past week was certainly appreciated!

Take time to check out the nursery and visit Narnia!  What a transformation, Joyce and Dan.  Thanks so much for all your time and expense.  It is a wonderful addition to our church!  

July 10, 2016
Thank you to all who assisted with Frank J's memorial service and dinner. The flowers at the front of the sanctuary are a gift from Frank's family in his memory.
July 3, 2016
A big THANK-YOU to Joyce and Dan for all your work on the “nursery remodel” project.  It is a work in progress and will be finished later in the month…with some “fun surprises!”

June 26, 2016
Thank you to all who came to the Brighter Side of 50 last Friday and to all who helped with cleanup.  Thank you Dee for the great summer "picnic!"  It was delicious!!

June 19, 2016
Thank you Yvonne for your donation to the Brighter Side of 50.

June 12, 2016
A belated, but sincere, word of appreciation goes out from pastor and Julie to all the following:  To those who came and supported Baccalaureate; to Betty, Amber, Donna S., and Doris for all the cookies; to Lee, Becky, Michele, and Judy for sharing in music; to Fred B. for the wonderful special; to those who helped with clean up and a special word of “thanks” to Linda for ALL of your help with the evening’s event.  

This past week Willis G. spent a day spraying all of the church and cemetery grounds for weeds.  Also Charlie did some spraying as well.  As a result...the grounds will look somewhat "rough" as a result of the kill from the sprays and the fact that pastor was not able to irrigate for 4 days due to the spray.  We so appreciate both Willis and Charlie's time!

Doris, Jim H., and Dave L. joined in with Dee and pastor to pick litter in last Tuesday’s heat!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

May 29, 2016
Thank  you Betty and Julie P. for all your help in putting up the flags at each veteran's grave marker...and to you Bud and Donna for the flags on the cemetary fence...a beautiful and thought-provoking sight.  

Thank you Linda for volunteering to help with Baccalaureate.

May 15, 2016
Thank you Harold for all the time you put into repairing the broken pipe in the pump house.

May 8, 2016
Thank you Rachel and John for joining the e-mail “leg” of the Prayer Chain.  Keep in mind if you want to be on the Prayer Chain but don’t necessarily want to have a phone notification or have to call others to pass on the request…the e-mail leg is a great option.  Let pastor or Donna R. know if you want your name to be added.

Thank you to Loretta and Tyson for picking up irrigation supplies for pastor. 

Thank you to Becky and Roy for your recent donations to the library and Brighter Side of 50.   

May 1, 2016
Thank you Ed K. for all the extra work you did on the church grounds this past week.

Thank you Lana for joining the e-mail “leg” of the Prayer Chain.  Keep in mind if you want to be on the Prayer Chain but don’t necessarily want to have a phone notification or have to call others to pass on the request…the e-mail leg is a great option.  Let pastor or Donna R. know if you want your name to be added.   

April 24, 2016
Thank you to all who participated in last Sunday’s Brighter Side of 50.  Special thanks to Dee, Ed K., Ron and Jan, and Gail for your contributions to the meal and to all who assisted with cleanup.  A lady left her glasses, fruit, and candy and you will find them on the Catch-All table.

A belated word of appreciation to Jim H. for “re-upping” to help with the mowing.  To both you and Mike D., thank you so much for your involvement with this ministry.

April 17, 2016
From Dee and Pastor...THANK YOU SO MUCH Ron, Jan, Dave L., Lee and Jim H. for your help with the first litter pickup of 2016.  Your time is so very much appreciated!  Thanks Dee for the great dessert and to Ron and Jan for the liquid refreshments. 

A very sincere "thank you" goes out to Brad for all the time you have given these past two weeks to get our mowers up and running. 

Pastor apologizes for not getting a picture of everyone who took part in Bright Sunday.  Thanks Lana for placing the pictures on bulletin boards in the foyer. 

April 10, 2016
Thank you to all who participated in Bright Sunday, and to each of you who adopted a lily. 

Thank you so much Joyce for the beautiful bulletin board display with the timeless message.

April 3, 2016
A sure sign of spring is Mike D. once again mowing the church grounds....thanks a lot Mike for the first mowing of 2016.

A very sincere word of appreciation goes out to all who participated in last Sunday’s Celebration, to those who helped so much in the kitchen and to those who brought eggs, candy, money and assisted with the egg hunt! It was a wonderful day!

March 20, 2016
Thank you to person(s) who donated eggs for our annual Easter Egg Hunt.  All donations of eggs and candy are welcome and sincerely appreciate. 

March 13, 2016
A thank you goes out to Dale and Doris for helping the Dashiell's and Reinbolds with potluck cleanup last Sunday. 

Thank you to all who attended the Brighter Side of 50 and to Dee for the GREAT meal…and thank you to all who helped with clean-up and to Gail, Susan, Sharilyn, and Betty for the treats you brought.

Thanks so much Joyce for the beautiful Easter bulletin board display in the library.  

January 31, 2016
Thank you Dee and Donna R, for the great lunch you made for Brighter Side of 50 and a thank you to those who assisted with clean up.

January 17, 2016
Thank you Dave L. for plowing the lot and road this past week. 

January 10, 2016
Thank you Joyce for the beautiful bulletin board display you made for the library.  

A sincere word of appreciation goes out to Ron, Jan, Lillie, Marcia and Mike D.  for helping take down the Christmas decorations.  Your time is certainly appreciated!

January 3, 2016
Thanks so much Mike S. for plowing the driveway and lot this past week.